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Q: How large is your trailer?

A: Our food trailer is: L: 7m, W: 2.4m, H: 3.6m
We utilise this for public events and private events that are at venues with necessary space. For residential addresses, we utilise our marquee set-up which is: L: 3m, W: 3m, H: 3m and we utilise our Gozney Roccbox pizza ovens which are gas-powered - but we guarantee the results are just as delicious and comparable to our woodfire oven :)

Q: Where can you serve?

A: We can park on most private properties if space permits and can cater to public events if approved by the council. If our trailer is too large to fit within your space for private events, we also have a 3x3m marquee option available. We utilise our marquee option for all residential private events. This includes the usage of our Gozney Roccbox ovens which are gas-powered - but we guarantee that the result is just as delicious and high-quality as utilising our woodfire oven.

Q: How do you serve pizzas for weddings/private events?

A: We have a few options when serving pizzas for private events:

  • Guests can approach the trailer and collect their pizzas on biodegradable paper plates.
  • We can add waiters and have them being walked around on pizza paddles.
  • We can add waiters to have them placed on tables if you're hosting a sit-down event.
Q: How much earlier do you need to arrive before service?

A: It takes our oven approximately 1.5 hours to heat up. We will normally ask to arrive around 1.5-2 hours before the service start time. However, if you are getting married at the same venue and would like us to arrive even earlier to ensure we are all bumped-in before guests arrive, we are happy to accommodate!

Q: How long does it take you to cook a pizza?

A: If utilising our food trailer, we can fit up to 5 pizzas in the oven at once and they take approximately 1.5 minutes to cook since our ovens are nice and hot (around 400 degrees)! So it is a great option for larger crowds and minimal wait times.

Q: Do you provide plates/cutlery?

A: Yes, we always bring along biodegradable paper plates, napkins and bamboo cutlery which your guests can utilise. If you are setting up your wedding table with a stylist and want to utilise ceramic plates and silver/metal cutlery, we recommend hiring for this.

Q: What dietaries are you able to cater for?

A: We can offer vegan/dairy-free cheese and gluten-friendly bases. However, due to the environment that we stretch and cook our pizzas in, we cannot guarantee no contamination so cannot ensure a product suitable for coeliac disease.

Q: How far do you travel?

A: We are happy to travel up to 120km away. We are based in Sunshine North, Victoria.

Q: How long are you at our event for?

A: When booked for a pizza service, we serve for two hours. We normally require to arrive 1.5 hours before your service time to heat up our ovens, but do understand that if it is a wedding and you're having your ceremony at the same site, we may need to come slightly earlier than this. If grazing, canapes or desserts are added on, we add an extra hour to our service time to account for this. We normally serve each course straight after one another. *If extra time is required in between courses, we may charge extra for staffed hours. We can discuss this when getting your event timeline off of you prior to your event date.

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